Eat well. Be well. Thrive.


Life is extraordinary!

Yet, itā€™s the ordinary routines that define our experience, every single day.
Our food, exercise and lifestyle impact our health.
And we have the power to upgrade these habitual choices.

Sometimes you just need a fresh start.
I make it easy for you to say, ā€œYes!ā€ to great food & a healthy lifestyle.
So you will wake up refreshed, have energy all day, and feel happy & free.
And you can become the expert in your own health.

We can do it together.
At Zest for Life Today, cooking delicious, nutritious food is simple & fun.
Adventure can be exercise, and play can pay.
Are you ready to shine?

~ ChloƩ

“With ChloĆ©’s inspiring presence, I am learning to pay more attention to why and what I eat. I am noticing the connection between the feelings I bring and feed while I eat and my sense of abundance or not afterward. I want to continue to become more conscious of my behavior and more simply sated.”
- Cathleen, 58-year-old Spiritual Counselor in Pennsylvania

About Zest for Life Today

Zest for Life Today is a full-service health and lifestyle coaching practice specializing in holistic wellness, gastrointestinal health, food allergy diagnosis, and cooking for novices. Zest was founded in San Francisco, CA in 2009 by wellness guru E. ChloĆ© Lauer… Learn More

“Success! I just made my first green smoothie and it was WAY better than I thought it was going to be. It was very tasty, I feel so healthy. You are a healer and a wealth of knowledge.”
- Molly in California

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